1. For the comfort and safety of everyone, we ask that you obey the following rules while in the campground and use common sense when it comes to safety with your recreational vehicle. Just like operating any other motorized vehicle, there are inherent risks and skills that are required to operate a recreational vehicle.

a. Recreational vehicle must use all its factory equipped lights, as well as mufflers and be equipped with spark arresters while being operated within the property boundaries of the Trinity Pines.

b. There should be no passengers on any recreational vehicle unless it is equipped to carry more than one person.

c. Operator must carry Comprehensive and Liability insurance.

d. No rider, under the age of 16, may operate any recreational vehicle on Trinity Pines property.

e. Operator must obey all speed limit and posted signs within the Trinity Pines boundaries.

f. Operation of recreational vehicles is only allowed on camp roads and marked trails (those specifically designated for recreational vehicle use).

g. Helmet and eye protection use is required for those 18 years or younger. It is recommended that everyone operating a recreational vehicle wear appropriate safety gear.

h. Recreational vehicles may not be ridden during designated quiet hours.

2. At any time, camp staff may ask any operator who is using a recreational vehicle inappropriately or in an unsafe manner, as deemed by camp management, to park the recreational vehicle and discontinue riding for the remaining time of their stay at Trinity Pines.

In addition, the trails on the camp have been designated as hiking and biking trails except for the use by Trinity Pines vehicles needed to service the trails or activity areas located on those trails.

These changes have been made to minimize the risk to our guests, both the riders and the other guests, and to help minimize the damage to the trails which are a valuable resource for us. I trust you can understand our reason for these changes and will be able to continue to enjoy our facility in the ministry to your families.


Tyler Luschen, Manager

Trinity Pines Camp and Conference Center